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PWM Tutorial

In this article, we will learn what is PWM? PWM signals can be used to control motor speed or brightness of led, driving servo motors or to change the amount of power going to any devices. Let’s start with a description of waveforms. Here a wave form of 10Volt looks like You can see 10V and 0V on above figure. If we will create a waveform 10V half of time and 0V half of the time, you can see a waveform some ...

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How To Setup Your Own MQTT Server/Broker

 You can setup your own MQTT server/Broker on any Cloud Server or on a local machine or everyone’s favorite Raspberry PI. In this article, we will learn how to setup a local MQTT server at our Home on Raspberry Pi. You Need: Raspberry Pi 2 Internet Connection 30 Min Time [InsertAddForPost] Step 1: We need to install few dependencies before we compile and run our own MQTT server. sudo apt-get update sudo apt ...

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How to Flash Arduino Bootloader to new Atmega 328 or 168

The Arduino bootloader is a piece of code that runs before any operating system is running.The bootloader basically needs to upload the program in computer memory. So If you have new ATmega168/ATmega328 so first you have to upload the bootloader to it.So before implementation let me  introduce  you to what is the hardware requirement to burn the Bootloader. Hardware you need to download Arduino Bootloader t ...

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