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Internet of things are really cool things to work on, My Electronics Lab also have so many cool iot tutorials and projects using esp8266, raspberry pi , app inventor and bluetooth. Hope you like these tutorials.

Programming ESP8266 using Arduino UNO – EASY WAY

ESP8266 is everyone’s favorite wifi chip for IOT projects. Ever since I started making tutorials on esp8266, the most asked question till now is, how to program esp8266 using Arduino UNO or how to connect/Interface Arduino. In this tutorial, I will tell you how I made my simple DIY esp8266 programmer using Arduino. This Arduino shield is a programmer, so that you can put in top of Arduino UNO as a shield. ...

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Raspberry PI IOT Server with Node JS LED Control (Express.JS + ejs)

Hello Friends, This tutorial will guide you to step by step, making one local server in Node JS and Control LED from remotely within your local network. NOTE: If you think, You don't Know "NodeJS" and new to electronics, Don't Panic, I will guide you. Trust me, its supper simple. Just make sure you follow till end of this tutorial. If you don't want to use Node JS , you can also check my previous tutorial o ...

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Rete #1 Control Your Home From Any where using ESP8266 – MQTT IOT Dashboard Hello Friends, I know , I am writing this post after a long time, I am really sorry for posting after a long time. As I am busy with my new job and shifting my home, I could not write. But from now onward I will try to like at least 2 blogs per month. If you have watch above video, this article is just the written explanation for that video. In this article we wil ...

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No Raspberry PI – Asus Tinker Board – Review – Pinout

Early 2017 , ASUS has announced similar board like raspberry PI 3 and named it as "ASUS TINKER BOARD", Keeping internet of things in mind added BLE and WIFI to the board. I personally too excited , because of trust issue. Starting from my 1999, I have been using Asus mother board for my PC and Laptop, never faced any hardware issue, so I am a big fan of Asus. Tough I had not ordered this board yet, but defi ...

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ESP32 Pinout and First Impression, Development Board

ESP32 The Next Big things in IOT World. After Grand Success of ESP8266, espressif has lunched esp32. Power Optimized wifi and Bluetooth Low Energy embedded into a single chip. Some Of the technical information about the esp8266 is described in the Table Below. Technical Specification Key Features 240 MHz dual core Tensilica LX6 microcontroller with 600 DMIPSIntegrated 520 KB SRAM Integrated 802.11BGN HT40 W ...

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