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ESP8266 wifi robot remote control using android app

HI Friends, In this tutorial we will build one wifi controlled robot using esp8266 and built android app using mit app inventor 2. See this robot in action, (Best View on youtube Click Here) Components You need: Robot Chasis (I have used my old dustbin for this, You can buy some good chassis from below.   Buy Here DC Motor                                           ...

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PWM Tutorial

In this article, we will learn what is PWM? PWM signals can be used to control motor speed or brightness of led, driving servo motors or to change the amount of power going to any devices. Let’s start with a description of waveforms. Here a wave form of 10Volt looks like You can see 10V and 0V on above figure. If we will create a waveform 10V half of time and 0V half of the time, you can see a waveform some ...

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