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How To Setup Electronics Lab (Must have tools & Budget Friendly)

A home Electronics Lab is dream of every single Geek in this world. I am sure you all have one, small big or professional one.  Recently I have brought few new tools and components for my own lab. So I was re-arranging all, and suddenly I thought, I should share with you. Here is my current small lab looks like.                                                        Give me your feedback, what you think abo ...

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No Raspberry PI – Asus Tinker Board – Review – Pinout

Early 2017 , ASUS has announced similar board like raspberry PI 3 and named it as "ASUS TINKER BOARD", Keeping internet of things in mind added BLE and WIFI to the board. I personally too excited , because of trust issue. Starting from my 1999, I have been using Asus mother board for my PC and Laptop, never faced any hardware issue, so I am a big fan of Asus. Tough I had not ordered this board yet, but defi ...

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Pocket Electronics Lab Tool – Espotek Labrador

Wanted to setup your Electronics Lab at home, then I am sure you always dream to have one Oscilloscope, Function Generator and a variable power supply. How much it will cost you if you want to buy all these, quite costly right? No Today, I will introduce to you a new module, that can work as Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter,  Function Generator and a Variable Power supply just under $25 or as low as free, i ...

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Orange Pi Zero H2 Quad Core Open-source 256MB development board beyond Raspberry Pi

I am sure most of us had not received raspberry pi Zero yet. When everyone is waiting for Raspberry Pi zero, finally $6 with Quard Core Processor is in the market. What is Orange Pi Zero? It's an open source single board computer, It can run android 4.4 , ubuntu, Debian. It used all winner H2 SOC, and had 256 Mb/512MB DDR3 SD Ram(256MB VErsion is Standard Version) I have ordered one, from Alibaba. Once I re ...

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ESP8285 is it ESP8266 killer?

it’s no secret that we love the ESP8266 chip, and the community of hackers that have contributed to making it useful. We often joke about this or that new WiFi-enabler being an ESP8266 killer, but so far none have stepped up. Here we go again! Espressif has released a chip that’s going to be an ESP8266 killer, and no, it’s not the ESP32. The ESP8285 went into mass production in March, and should start to ap ...

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