PCB Design Made easy with Easy EDA

In last two tutorial , we learnt basic of EasyEDA tool for creating circuit. Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 In this tutorial we will lean, how to convert sch to the PCB. Once verified the proper operation of the circuit, click on the printed circuit card icon and you start the creation of the PCB. The first step is the generation of the net where the components are connected by direct wires. From this net, move the ...

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Design Your first PCB with easy EDA Tutorial -2

Learn More about Easy EDA in my previous article.  In this article we will create a circuit and simulate it using EasyEDA. Google Chrome application When EasyEDA contacted me to offer me to write this article, I naturally wanted to test this application before accepting the proposal. EasyEDA is available in the Chrome store. Once the app is installed if you display the apps (type in the address bar of Chrom ...

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EasyEDA for Electronic Circuit Design Tool Tutorial 1

EasyEDA is a free EDA tool for individuals and working in a web browser, it requires no any installation. It was designed to provide electronic hobbyists, engineers, teachers, students ... an easy and free access to the EDA. With EasyEDA, powerful schematic capture,mixed-mode spice simulation and PCB layout are made in your web browser.EasyEDA has all the features you expect  and easily take your design fro ...

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IoT Project ‚Äď Web-based electrical machine control using Firebase and esp8266

This is article is part of controlling Home Appliances using realtime application (firebase.com). In this  tutorial, we will go step by step of creating webpage(html) and controlling(Turn on/Turn off) light bulb over internet using nodeMCU(esp8266-12e). In Our previous  tutorials we built an android app to control GPIO of nodeMCU using button press or electric switch only,Objective of this project is, we ca ...

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Atmel QTouch Sensor Based Home Automation

In this article, I would like to tell you about my current project which is a Touch Sensor based Home automation system, built using Atmel QTouch. Atmel QTouch (AT42QT1011) are really impressive  dedicated capacitive touch sensor, which don't need any external microcontroller to operate, which reduces cost and size of products. Before Moving Into article , I Would like to show you the demo , which I have in ...

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