DIY Zone Door Sensor to send push notification using esp8266

Sensors with Push notification is always fun. In this article we will Connect a door sensor to wifi using ESP8266, so that, we can send push notification to our mobile, when somebody opens or close the door. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl3TZItQVIU Bellow will be the flow of our project. Door sensor-------->  Node MCU----- > Our Server Side Code----- > instapush------> android application Let ...

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Smart Door Lock application using nodeMCU – esp8266

This is article is¬†part of controlling Home Appliances using android app. In this ¬†tutorial, we will go step by step of creating android app and controlling(lock/unlock) door¬†over wifi using nodeMCU(esp8266-12e).   [InsertAddForPost] In Our previous ¬†tutorials we built an android app to control GPIO of nodeMCU¬†using button press or voice command, but in this tutorial instead of button we will scan ¬†QR ...

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ESP8266 Connection and Programming

In this Article, we will use ESP8266 as standalone ¬†wifi microcontroller instead of using with arduino or other controller. To download the code to ¬†ESP8266 you need two things: 1. USB TO Serial TTL Converter 2. ESP8266-01 Module Buy ESP8266 Here: Connection Diagram: To download the code, you have to make connection diagram like below. In the above diagram, please note ‚ÄúGPIO 0‚ÄĚ of ESP8266 is connected to GN ...

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Getting started with esp8266 Arduino Connection – Part 1

If you are reading this article, you probably know what esp8266 is and what drives you to here. So in this article we will learn Why esp8266/Different Variants of ESP8266 Different Ways to program ESP8266 As a supportive wifi module As a microcontroller with inbuilt wifi. Connecting and programming esp8266 is often confusing for beginners; it’s because of no proper documentation. You can download the offici ...

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