IOT Project – Proximity Relay Control using esp8266

This is article is¬†part of controlling Home Appliances using android app. In this ¬†tutorial, we will go step by step of creating android app and controlling(Turn on/Turn off) light bulb¬†over wifi hostpot using nodeMCU(esp8266-12e).   In Our previous ¬†tutorials we built an android app to control GPIO of nodeMCU¬†using button press¬†or¬†electric switch only,Objective of this¬†project is, we can turn on elect ...

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A6 GSM GPRS Module From AI Thinker

After ESP8266 , which broke all the market records in IOT, providing the cheapest WIFI chip in the market, Now AI Thinker seems to be promising with a new module in the market, I.E  A6 GSM/GPRS Module at only  $3.6.  All Alibaba and Aliexpress (leading Chinese online seller) are fully loaded with this module. This A6 GSM/GPRS Module Seems like, A big competitor for SIM900 series module. These modules coming ...

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[Solved] ESP8266 WiFi.softAP(ssid, password) Not Showing New SSID

If you have ever worked on esp8266 arduino library you probably have faced this issue. Issue is: sometimes, you wrote your new SSID for your ESP8266 like below in your code [crayon-59949b6a273a5484831824/] But it's not showing in your wifi search. You must be seeing something like below, vendor specific name.¬†or your old esp8266 wifi ssid name. ¬†[InsertAddForPost_square]     This is because, You m ...

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