How to Flash Arduino Bootloader to new Atmega 328 or 168

The Arduino bootloader is a piece of code that runs before any operating system is running.The bootloader basically needs to upload the program in computer memory. So If you have new ATmega168/ATmega328 so first you have to upload the bootloader to it.So before implementation let me  introduce  you to what is the hardware requirement to burn the Bootloader. Hardware you need to download Arduino Bootloader t ...

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Getting Started With ESP8266 – Your First IOT Project

If IOT(Internet Of things) word is buzzing your ear every day, and you are anxious to get started with this, then you are at right place. In this article, We will learn how to connect and talk with your things (like sensor, relay) from the internet using PC or IOS/Android App. Choosing Right Hardware and Software for your First IOT Project: [InsertAddForPost_square] Communication Method: Wifi Ethernet IOT P ...

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Installing Steps For ESP8266 Arduino Library

I hope you are very much anxious to learn about programming your ESP8266 WIFI module using Arduino IDE, even I was on my first day with ESP8266. This library is open-source and available on GitHub. To install Arduino library, just make sure you have Arduino 1.6.5. you can download from here. After Installing open arduino.exe file in your windows system. [InsertAddForPost] Go to File → Preferences   ...

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Getting Started with BreadBoard

In this post, i am going to get started on the bread board and then i am going to give a brief introduction about a software tool called Fritzing. I will include the step by step process for installing and will demonstrate how to work with Fritizing in both Schematic and BreadBoard View. In the post "what is circuit diagram" we created our very first circuit diagram as shown in Fig.1 and now we want to take ...

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How To Choose Power Supply For Your Electronics Project?

The power supply is the first building block of your electronics project. You always have to choose power supply carefully before starting your product. Choosing your power supply depends on few factors What is the amount of current your circuit going to draw? In which condition or environment, your product is going to use? Do you need to charge the battery or replace the battery when dead? Size of the prod ...

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