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Linear Voltage Regulator | Constant DC Voltage

The work of voltage regulator is to provide constant voltage to the load. You can maintain the constant voltage in many ways. But two types of voltage regulator are popular. Linear Voltage Regulator or Linear Drop Out Regulator(LDO) Switching Regulator (SMPS) In this tutorial, we will only cover about linear voltage regulator or Linear Drop Our Regulators (LDO) LDO or Linear Drop Out Voltage Regulators are ...

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Learn to Make Romantic PCB

Circuit boards are the ultimate expression of love   Here's something for the inner romantics and DIY circuit board assemblers in all of us. Yes, I'm talking to you, my friend; soldering iron in one hand, PCB board in the other, pining to tell your cherished special person how you feel about them, but clueless about how to express yourself. Sure, you could just tell them "I love you" ‚ÄĒ but words are ne ...

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ESP8266 Connection and Programming

  In this Article, we will use ESP8266 as standalone ¬†wifi microcontroller instead of using with arduino or other controller. To download the code to ¬†ESP8266 you need two things: 1. USB TO Serial TTL Converter 2. ESP8266-01 Module Buy ESP8266 Here: Connection Diagram: To download the code, you have to make connection diagram like below. In the above diagram, please note ‚ÄúGPIO 0‚ÄĚ of ESP8266 is connecte ...

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Getting started with esp8266 Arduino Connection – Part 1

If you are reading this article, you probably know what esp8266 is and what drives you to here. So in this article we will learn Why esp8266/Different Variants of ESP8266 Different Ways to program ESP8266 As a supportive wifi module As a microcontroller with inbuilt wifi. Connecting and programming esp8266 is often confusing for beginners; it’s because of no proper documentation. You can download the offici ...

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