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Linear Voltage Regulator | Constant DC Voltage

The work of voltage regulator is to provide constant voltage to the load. You can maintain the constant voltage in many ways. But two types of voltage regulator are popular. Linear Voltage Regulator or Linear Drop Out Regulator(LDO) Switching Regulator (SMPS) In this tutorial, we will only cover about linear voltage regulator or Linear Drop Our Regulators (LDO) LDO or Linear Drop Out Voltage Regulators are ...

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PWM Tutorial

In this article, we will learn what is PWM? PWM signals can be used to control motor speed or brightness of led, driving servo motors or to change the amount of power going to any devices. Let’s start with a description of waveforms. Here a wave form of 10Volt looks like You can see 10V and 0V on above figure. If we will create a waveform 10V half of time and 0V half of the time, you can see a waveform some ...

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Getting Started with BreadBoard

In this post, i am going to get started on the bread board and then i am going to give a brief introduction about a software tool called Fritzing. I will include the step by step process for installing and will demonstrate how to work with Fritizing in both Schematic and BreadBoard View. In the post "what is circuit diagram" we created our very first circuit diagram as shown in Fig.1 and now we want to take ...

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What is a Circuit Diagram?

So before moving to making actual circuit it is better that we know what circuit diagram is. So in this very first post we will discuss the following topics. What is a Circuit Diagram? Common Symbol used in circuit diagram. Tools to use to create a Circuit Diagram Creating a very first Circuit Diagram ...

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