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Programming ESP8266 using Arduino UNO – EASY WAY

ESP8266 is everyone’s favorite wifi chip for IOT projects. Ever since I started making tutorials on esp8266, the most asked question till now is, how to program esp8266 using Arduino UNO or how to connect/Interface Arduino. In this tutorial, I will tell you how I made my simple DIY esp8266 programmer using Arduino. This Arduino shield is a programmer, so that you can put in top of Arduino UNO as a shield. ...

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Interfacing NFC PN532 Using ESP8266 With LINE Push Notification

In this article , we will read NFC tag using NFC reader PN532 module and ESP8266 , Then send automatic push notification to a smart phone using line mobile application. Sounds Interesting, Then enjoy the tutorial. Don't forget to leave your feedback, at end of this tutorial in comment section below. Basic Block Diagram Of this Project Hardware Needed: nodeMCU(base on esp8266) PN532 NFC module NTAG Jumper wi ...

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ESP8266 OTA Example Arduino Code Tutorial | Over The Air Update

Updating Code via internet without any USB or Serial Interface is called as ‚ÄúOver The Air‚ÄĚ or OTA.¬† OTA is very simple when it comes to implement using Arduino IDE. There are simple six steps involved in OTA of ESP8266. Connect ESP8266 to Arduino IDE using USB or Serial Upload OTA code Connect to wifi network Choose wifi port in arduino Remove USB or Serial From esp8266 Upload New Code over the air. Things ...

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Esp8266 Wifi Based Beverage notification On Smart Phone

This article proposes notifications for your Internet of Things devices. it's will help you to hack your doorbell to send Push notification to mobile and laptop when somebody‚Äôs open the door. It use the free PushingBox service to delegate all the programming part and make things easy. All this in real time.   Hardware Needed nodeMCU(base on esp8266) Jumper wire Limit switch Software Needed PushingboxAP ...

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[Solved] ESP8266 WiFi.softAP(ssid, password) Not Showing New SSID

If you have ever worked on esp8266 arduino library you probably have faced this issue. Issue is: sometimes, you wrote your new SSID for your ESP8266 like below in your code [crayon-59c394f76c632179799821/] But it's not showing in your wifi search. You must be seeing something like below, vendor specific name.¬†or your old esp8266 wifi ssid name. ¬†[InsertAddForPost_square]     This is because, You m ...

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