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Linear Voltage Regulator | Constant DC Voltage

The work of voltage regulator is to provide constant voltage to the load. You can maintain the constant voltage in many ways. But two types of voltage regulator are popular. Linear Voltage Regulator or Linear Drop Out Regulator(LDO) Switching Regulator (SMPS) In this tutorial, we will only cover about linear voltage regulator or Linear Drop Our Regulators (LDO) LDO or Linear Drop Out Voltage Regulators are ...

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How To Choose Power Supply For Your Electronics Project?

The power supply is the first building block of your electronics project. You always have to choose power supply carefully before starting your product. Choosing your power supply depends on few factors What is the amount of current your circuit going to draw? In which condition or environment, your product is going to use? Do you need to charge the battery or replace the battery when dead? Size of the prod ...

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