Getting started with esp8266 Arduino Connection – Part 1 Reviewed by Momizat on . If you are reading this article, you probably know what esp8266 is and what drives you to here. So in this article we will learn Why esp8266/Different Variants If you are reading this article, you probably know what esp8266 is and what drives you to here. So in this article we will learn Why esp8266/Different Variants Rating:
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Getting started with esp8266 Arduino Connection – Part 1

If you are reading this article, you probably know what esp8266 is and what drives you to here. So in this article we will learn

  1. Why esp8266/Different Variants of ESP8266
  2. Different Ways to program ESP8266
  3. As a supportive wifi module
  4. As a microcontroller with inbuilt wifi.

Connecting and programming esp8266 is often confusing for beginners; it’s because of no proper documentation. You can download the official datasheet for ESP8266 from here.


Why ESP8266?

The main reason for me to use esp8266 is

  1. It’s very cheap
  2. The excessive contribution in open source community and very good forum.
  3. Easy library to code like Arduino and Lua language.

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Different Variants of ESP8266:

There are near about 14 different variants available in market till the date of this article being posted. But most famous variants in the market is ESP8266-01 and ESP8266-12E

ESP8266-01 is famous for break out header, which is easy to interface with other controller.



ESP8266-12E is famous for its more gpio out option



Different Ways to program ESP8266:

You can program, esp8266  in few different ways.

  1. Using AT commands as a supportive wifi module with your Microcontroller
  1. You can use ESP8266 directly as a microcontroller to access its gpio, i2c or other io device.

In this article we learn both the methods of using esp8266.

Connecting ESP with Arduino:

In this section, we will connect esp module with Arduino to send some AT command from serial monitor of Arduino, which will send to esp and get response back.

Pinout Of ESP8266-01:


ESP8266 – 01 Pinout


About Schematic:

 In the below sch, we have taken Digital Pin 2 and 3 of Arduino as Tx and Rx respectively, which will communicate with the esp8266 module.

arduino-esp8266 connection Digram

ESP8266 Arduino Connection Diagram

Note: The current for the esp8266 may not be sufficient, when you connect it with Arduino’s 3.3V, In that case you have to use external 3.3V regulator to give supply to ESP module.


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Copy the above code to Arduino IDE, compile and upload to the UNO. Now run serial monitor of ESp8266 and you are ready to use your AT commands.

Make sure you have set the NL and CR option and as well as right baud rate like shown below.

serial Monitor

AT Commands Syntax for ESP8266:

Now before moving to the AT commands lets go once through the syntax of AT command we are going to use.

Type Syntax Description Examples
Test Command AT+<XXXX>=? List the valid parameters AT+CWMODE=?
Read Command AT+<xxxx>? Display The Current Value of the parameter AT+CWMODE?
Write Command AT+<xxxx>=<yyy> Set the value to yyy AT+CWMODE=1
Multiple Write Command AT+<xxx>=<yy>,<zzz> If the parameter xxx can has multiple values yyy,zzz AT+CWJAP=‚ÄĚSSID‚ÄĚ,‚ÄĚpassword‚ÄĚ
Execution AT+<xxxx> Execute Some Task 1.      AT+RST

2.      AT+GMR


AT commands To Get Wifi Connected:


Functionality Commands Examples
restart the module AT+RST  
get firmware version AT+GMR  
set module baud rate AT+CIOBAUD  
quit the AP AT+CWLAP  
set wifi login credentials AT+CWSAP AT+CWJAP=”YOURSSID”,”YOURPASSWORD”;
join the AP AT+CWJAP AT+CWJAP=”WifiName”,”WifiPass”

These are the basic commands to try, there are tons of other command you can try and do lot with your esp8266 module.

Note: This is the way of testing esp8266 commands. You can also send these commands directly from Arduino or any other microcontroller instead of sending it manually in serial monitor, with little changes in the code.

Complete AT commands can be find Here.
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In the second part we will learn how to programme directly into ESP8266 without any arduino, and use it as stand alone microcontroller. I will update link to the second part Here.




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  • Keshav dev

    Very good explanation.

    I am working on IoT , I interfaced ESP8266-01 with arduino uno and LCD(16*2) .Here i used ESP8266-01 as a supportive wifi module.AT commands are working fine. Now I have a web page where I have two text box and submit button.When I type some text on text box and click on submit button, the text should appear on LCD. I am new to web and server. I tried using GET method from internet resource but could not achieve.Some blogs said use php. Can you suggest me.

  • Hiren T. Solanki

    HOW CAN I BOOTLOAD ESP8266 CHIP ? i followed steps but in serial monitor it doesn’t respond on AT commands, .

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